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Our Group

Our Church is a small group that meets in our building on the corner of Pioneer and Evergreen in Cashmere Washington.  On an average Sunday we have around 120 people in attendance.  Our focus is on truth as it is written in the Bible.  We have a tendency to take what the scripture says literally in most cases, and we read from and use both old and new testament as we believe both contain useful and necessary information.  This seems to set us apart from many other groups because we believe that there really isn’t anything mysterious about God’s word.  When you take it at face value and use the whole Bible you begin to see that God has, and has had a plan all through time and that it really isn’t that difficult to understand with time and study.


 Some of Our Beliefs

  • We believe that there is only one God and that he is a physical being.  He has a spirit which is made up of his attitude, his mentality and his power.
  • God created the earth, sun, moon, stars and all the living things on the earth.
  • Jesus Christ is the Son of God and a man.  He died for our sins and was raised from the dead by God and is now with God in heaven and is now immortal.
  • God will send Jesus his son back to the earth.  At that time the dead that were believers are resurrected and become immortal and those believers that are alive at his return are also changed to be immortal.
  • The reward of the righteous is immortality and life on the earth after Jesus returns.  No man goes to heaven except Jesus.
  • Baptism, repentance, and correct belief is necessary for salvation.  All people sin and make mistakes.  Repentance is  evaluating yourself and accepting that you are a sinner, and doing your best to change for the better according to Gods word.
  • God will come to the earth that he has created and live on the earth with those that he has chosen as righteous.
  • There will be a literal Judgement before God comes to the earth to live.  At that time all the dead are resurrected and all people that did not get immortality at Jesus’ return are judged. Any that did not live up to God’s standards during their life are removed from the earth forever.

If any of this interests you and you want to know more, please use the contact page and send us an email or listen to one of our recorded sermons.  Thanks.